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Definition of withstand:

  1. To stand against; to oppose; to resist, either with physical or moral force; as, to withstand an attack of troops; to withstand eloquence or arguments.


go for, halt, stretch forth, hold up, extend, harbor, bind, curb, stomach, nurse, deem, concord, hold in, reject, defy, exsert, lump, endure, reserve, carry, sustain, stand up, oblige, keep, retain, refuse, tolerate, fend, dare, survive, delay, take for, last, support, accommodate, guard, declare, hold firm, keep back, stand up to, take hold, jib, swallow, accept, confine, agree, detain, hold out, throw, bear, stand firm, resist, concur, entertain, take, apply, restrain, brook, control, obtain, abide, have got, prevail, baulk, admit, have, hold, stand pat, obligate, arrest, live on, hold water, go, adjudge, stick up, give, book, wear, moderate, suffer, view as, contain, stand up against, make, stretch out, check, harbour, live, put out, hold back, balk, maintain.

Usage examples: