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Definition of witticism:

  1. A witty saying; a sentence or phrase which is affectedly witty; an attempt at wit; a conceit.


crack, boff, yuk, comment, jocularity, pleasantry, sense of humour, barb, back talk, mental capacity, ha-ha, humor, jape, burlesque, body fluid, brain, temper, quibble, joke, laugh, afterthought, giggle, liquid body substance, learning ability, laughter, wag, raillery, waggery, sally, backchat, rib, boffola, wit, acknowledgment, bon mot, waggishness, josh, wisecrack, facetiousness, funny, fun, aside, nifty, card, playfulness, sense of humor, banter, pun, jest, quip, mood, humour, mentality, brainpower, quirk, wittiness, one-liner, gag, drollery, bromide, bodily fluid, allusion.

Usage examples: