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Definition of wood:

  1. A large and thick collection of trees; a forest or grove; - frequently used in the plural.
  2. Mad; insane; possessed; rabid; furious; frantic.
  3. The fibrous material which makes up the greater part of the stems and branches of trees and shrubby plants, and is found to a less extent in herbaceous stems. It consists of elongated tubular or needle- shaped cells of various kinds, usually interwoven with the shinning bands called silver grain.
  4. The substance of trees and the like; the hard fibrous substance which composes the body of a tree and its branches, and which is covered by the bark; timber.
  5. To grow mad; to act like a madman; to mad.
  6. To supply with wood, or get supplies of wood for; as, to wood a steamboat or a locomotive.
  7. To take or get a supply of wood.
  8. Trees cut or sawed for the fire or other uses.


wooded, Natalie Wood, Sir Henry Wood, woodland, grant wood, hard, woods, shady, timberland, sir henry joseph wood, woody, sylvan, ellen price wood, timber, wild, woodwind, wooden, woodwind instrument, Mrs. Henry Wood, forest.

Usage examples: