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Definition of work up:

Synonyms for work up:

gird, upset yourself, give up to, elaborate, refine, turn out, work out, trick up, calculate, drum, arm, develop, invent, overdress, enhance, bone up, tog up, figure out, tingle, elevate, move on, fig up, attire, raise, machinate, shape up, create, thrash, grind away, bring about, worry, swot up, start off, pass on, march on, tog out, progress, form, bone, uprise, reckon, lick, fig out, make, organize, construct, experience, build up, gussy up, trick out, ramp up, stand up, inaugurate, dress up, figure, establish, build, swot, grind, deck up, mug up, cram, fancy up, deck out, get up, feel, solve, agonize, devise, catalyze, fret, fortify, lift, go on, rise, have a lot on your mind, cipher, trigger, overflow, burn, compute, bring up, rig out, possess, carve, panic, prepare, walk away with, dread, exercise, arise, prink, forge, cypher, fear, set off, get on, puzzle out, work, let yourself go, get along, organise, come on, come along, nurse, improve, advance, hardly dare (to) breathe.