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Definition of worker:

  1. One of the neuter, or sterile, individuals of the social ants, bees, and white ants. The workers are generally females having the sexual organs imperfectly developed. See Ant, and White ant, under White.
  2. One who, or that which, works; a laborer; a performer; as, a worker in brass.


furrier, player, threading machine operator, workingwoman, bricklayer, pipefitter, jewelry repairman, proletarian, radio assembler, cosmetologist, artist, stenographer, jig borer operator, journeyman, punch press operator, lathe operator, textile worker, work, heavy equipment operator, clerk, mason, hire, machinist, role player, histrion, workman, dairyman, welder, master worker, truck driver, die sink operator, handworker, file clerk, cigar maker, photographer, roustabout, prole, laundry worker, draftsman, hireling, salesman, chef, linotype operator, plumber, farm worker, craftsman, butcher, postal clerk, white-collar worker, jigsaw cutter, brakeman, plasterer, radio wirer, electrician, barber, field workman, gold stamper, gear-cutting machine operator, over, slinger, secretary, signalman, sheet-metal worker, radio operator, coppersmith, platehanger, printer, packager, hydraulic press operator, telephone operator, screw machine operator, sewing machine operator, darkroom operator, day care worker, railroad freight clerk, teletype operator, waiter, tool designer, automatic screw operator, chipper, cowboy, word processor, doer, waitress, upholsterer, pan coating man, mechanic, radio repairer, actor, operative, telegrapher, drill operator, division clerk, lapping machine operator, skilled workman, workingman, jobholder, locomotive engineer, ship fitter, drill press operator, conductor, workwoman, pattern builder, hired hand, glassworker, auto sheet-metal worker, working girl, painter, cost accountant, data entry operator, hairdresser, fireman, bookkeeper, pressman, galvanizer, baker, cabinetmaker, proofreader, artisan, paperhanger, beautician, data processing technician, thespian, automobile mechanic.

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