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Definition of worried:

  1. of Worry


hard-pressed, in a bad way, stressed, demented, bothered, absent, uneasy, beatific, overturned, atwitter, maladjusted, dithery, disquieted, confused, mad, aflutter, unbalanced, unquiet, hung up, queasy, nervy, brooding, antsy, goosey, nervous, jittery, ill at ease, troubled, black, dysphoric, distressed, disordered, tense, het up, on edge, curious, frightened, broken, crazy, discerning, uptight, appealing, bleak, unhappy, darkly, brainsick, alarmed, anxious, upset, upturned, insecure, hinky, unhinged, sick, disturbed, apprehensive, dark, hard put, bug-eyed, perturbed, jumpy, concerned, edgy.

Usage examples: