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Definition of wrack:

  1. A thin, flying cloud; a rack.
  2. Any marine vegetation cast up on the shore, especially plants of the genera Fucus, Laminaria, and Zostera, which are most abundant on northern shores.
  3. Coarse seaweed of any kind.
  4. To rack; to torment.
  5. To wreck.
  6. Wreck; ruin; destruction.


pulverize, extinguish, devastate, help, eelgrass, single-foot, demolish, shatter, waste, bane, vaporize, leftover, raze, sea wrack, rub out, smash, decimate, cream, grass wrack, devastation, havoc, nuke, wheel, rack, stand, wreck, ruin, ruination, undoing, do in, tear down, wreckage, destruction, total, bust up, desolate, pull down, annihilate.

Usage examples: