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Definition of wrangle:

  1. An angry dispute; a noisy quarrel; a squabble; an altercation.
  2. To argue; to debate; to dispute.
  3. To dispute angrily; to quarrel peevishly and noisily; to brawl; to altercate.
  4. To involve in a quarrel or dispute; to embroil.


disagreement, lyric, reason, question, dustup, tangle, rhubarb, prove, broil, fight, caterwaul, brawl, wrangling, haggle, difficulty, speech, quibble, language, quarrel, contention, study at quarrel, controversy, demonstrate, disagreement, squabble, fight, rowing, course, debate, spat, establish, actor's line, row, discuss, run-in, word, polemic, argument, attack, altercation, words, controversy, haggling, controvert, tiff.

Usage examples: