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Definition of wrap up:

Synonyms for wrap up:

cut through, capper, résumé, notch up, hatch, compensate, land up, come home, crystallise, terminus, get hold of, bundle up, carry through, account, breed, synopsis, conclusion, compile, report, illuminate, last, brief, wind, stopping point, wipe up, fetch up, clothe, overlay, take something into consideration, pass over, finis, evaluate, cut across, deal, romp ahead, slay, click, abstract, fall into place, capsule, slip into, round, finish up, continue, crystalise, cross, spread over, ending, consider, wear, encompass, ponder, treat, underwrite, conspectus, twine, traverse, summary, wind up, amass, end of the line, enshroud, hoard, overview, envelop, get across, accumulate, endgame, overcompensate, words, mop up, enfold, sink in, bring to an end or a conclusion, handle, breviary, plan, enclose, clinch, recapitulate, contemplate, dawn, pile up, think out, encapsulate, consummation, embrace, crystallize, remove, while away, start, triumph, rundown, précis, dispatch, think over, polish off, finish with, eat up, summarization, sweep, summation, get over, inventory, whip, recap, roll up, reach, home stretch, get through, worst, pip, roundup, cover up, windup, clear, extend, sum-up, address, contact, hide, cessation, encapsulation, take a long hard look at someone/something, termination, epitomize, rack up, win, incubate, summing-up, completion, be placed first/second etc., finish off, closing, elucidate, dress, run-through, penetrate, clear up, get dressed, straighten out, enwrap, wrap, brood, end up, mop, clarify, grand finale, collect, roll, round-up, summa, synopsize, comprehend, epitome, come through, boil down, try on, hit, cover, crystalize, murder, closure, call it a day/night, sum up, put on, track, bundle, come to, shroud, shed light on, digest, brighten, conquer, close out, off, outline, sort out, pull on, furl, plow, assess, sum, bring to an end or a conclusion, insure, enlighten, finale, recapitulation, light up, reprise, bump off, period.