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Definition of wrathful:

  1. Full of wrath; very angry; greatly incensed; ireful; passionate; as, a wrathful man.
  2. Springing from, or expressing, wrath; as, a wrathful countenance.


in a towering rage, livid, enraged, incandescent, teed off, ticked, roiled, foaming, horn-mad, ireful, sore, fit to be tied, mad, fuming, foaming at the mouth, wroth, hopping, rabid, wrothful, seething, outraged, murderous, choleric, irate, incensed, hot, infuriate, furious, shirty, cheesed off, steamed up, steamed, feelings, storming, raging, rankled, riley, riled, angered, infuriated, apoplectic, indignant, steaming, angry, ballistic, inflamed.

Usage examples: