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Definition of wreck:

  1. Destruction or injury of anything, especially by violence; ruin; as, the wreck of a railroad train.
  2. Goods, etc., which, after a shipwreck, are cast upon the land by the sea.
  3. See 2d & 3d Wreak.
  4. The destruction or injury of a vessel by being cast on shore, or on rocks, or by being disabled or sunk by the force of winds or waves; shipwreck.
  5. The remain of anything ruined or fatally injured.
  6. The ruins of a ship stranded; a ship dashed against rocks or land, and broken, or otherwise rendered useless, by violence and fracture; as, they burned the wreck.
  7. To bring wreck or ruin upon by any kind of violence; to destroy, as a railroad train.
  8. To destroy, disable, or seriously damage, as a vessel, by driving it against the shore or on rocks, by causing it to become unseaworthy, to founder, or the like; to shipwreck.
  9. To involve in a wreck; hence, to cause to suffer ruin; to balk of success, and bring disaster on.
  10. To suffer wreck or ruin.
  11. To work upon a wreck, as in saving property or lives, or in plundering.


residue, undoing, scuttle, clangoring, keel over, scrub, invalid, clank, broadside, washout, debris, shadow, squeeze out, aquaplane, detritus, asthmatic, cripple, suppress, consumptive, skeleton, ashes, clunker, shut off, junk, litter, shipwrecking, founder, car crash, collapse, shipwrecked, shipwreck, agoraphobe, sinking, demolition, gut, cut into, case, crash, pileup, kill off, bust-up, clangour, rattletrap, blowout, accident, mess, jalopy, anorexic, rubble, concussion, amnesiac, knock down, break down, heap, bed-blocker, clang, wrecking, leftover, bane, ruination, devastation, hold back, crack-up, clangor, wrack, scupper, depressive, hulk, destruction, pull down, flotsam, bang up, salvage, relic, sabotage, diabetic, raise, the critical list, interfere with, money, blindside, incurable, kill, havoc, help, stamp out, ruins, crackup, smashup, condemn, clash.

Usage examples: