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Definition of writer:

  1. A clerk of a certain rank in the service of the late East India Company, who, after serving a certain number of years, became a factor.
  2. One who is engaged in literary composition as a profession; an author; as, a writer of novels.
  3. One who writes, or has written; a scribe; a clerk.


Giovanni Boccaccio, Edgar Allan Poe, wordsmith, screenwriter, Franz Kafka, advertisement writer, anecdotist, Pearl Buck, war correspondent, freelance writer, newshound, Samuel Beckett, Jean Jacques Rosseau, copyist, Leo Tolstoy, Boris Pasternak, song writer, literary critic, Alessandro Manzoni, Jane Austen, contributing editor, foreign correspondent, contributor, poet, sports writer, scripter, Ivan Turgenev, novelist, Ernest Hemingway, quill driver, Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne, correspondent, Herman Melville, scribe, James Joyce, source, amanuensis, scenario writer, Nathaniel Hawthorne, publicist, Daniel Defoe, John Barth, shorthand writer, special writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, pen pusher, Victor Hugo, Truman Capote, reporter, representative, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, fashion writer, hack, newspaperman, knight of the pen, Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lewis Carroll, Edith Wharton, librettist, Toni Morrison, ad-man, John Steinbeck, member of the Fourth Estate, F Scott Fitzgerald, Norman Mailer, magazine writer, generator, feature writer, Gustave Flaubert, William Faulkner, journalist, Virginia Woolf, biographer, Sir Walter Scott, stenographer, Henry James, scenarist, scribbler, Henry David Thoreau, Theodore Dreiser, editor, Herman Hesse, D H Lawrence, Georges Sand, George Eliot, Stephen Crane, Thomas Wolfe, Thomas Hardy, ghost writer, Andre Malraux, Maya Angelou.

Usage examples:

  • " This is good news," added the writer; " and it is most certain."

    - "History of the United Netherlands, 1586-89, Vol. II. Complete", John Lothrop Motley Last Updated: February 7, 2009.
  • E. C. S. The writer of the Book of judges is unknown.

    - "The Woman's Bible Part I. Comments on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Part II. Comments on the Old and New Testaments from Joshua to Revelation.", Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  • The wittiest writer in France at present is a woman.

    - "Reviews", Oscar Wilde.