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Definition of yap:

  1. A bark; a yelp.
  2. To bark; to yelp.


mug, kisser, jabber, bark, yelp, muddle, golf hole, sand trap, chops, chatter, grunt, run off at the mouth, bunker, ambuscade, babble, baa, piehole, hole, gob, snare, gossip, bellow, bay, fix, cakehole, bray, tar, sounds, croak, ambush, lying in wait, maw, gab, hiss, talk through your hat, howl, cry, waffle, call, gas, kettle of fish, rant, jaw, sea dog, mess, yawp, old salt, seaman, hollow, jam, moo, pickle, prattle, bleat, yip, trap, mariner, seafarer, squeal, talk.

Usage examples: