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Definition of yeasty:

  1. Frothy; foamy; spumy, like yeast.


kooky, futile, balmy, loony, loopy, harebrained, frivolous, nutty, frothy, silly, light-headed, nuts, bonkers, bats, spumy, creative, originative, fruity, piquant, spicy, haywire, whacky, daft, foamy, puerile, zestful, kookie, bubbly, flighty, dotty, cracked, frothy, scatterbrained, zesty, batty, lathery, dizzy, birdbrained, barmy, yeastlike, ditzy, lathery, spirited, sudsy, light-minded, loco, spumous, featherbrained, crackers, buggy, around the bend, savory, round the bend, goofy, solid, savoury, wacky.

Usage examples: