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Definition of zap:

Synonyms for zap:

swat, clock, audience, aerify, bob, slap, cut off, blow a hole in something, race, gallop, wallop, whale, hammer, blast, slug, clip, do in, biff, gasify, evaporate, smite, burst, flick through, thump, wipe out, sock, bake, couch potato, fly, broil, punch, bop, strike, off, help, knock off, paste, outpace, clobber, pound, rap, surge, carry off, dispatch, channel surfing, hasten, atom-bomb, knock, bump off, slay, blow off, rip through, dip, nail, micro-cook, barbecue, belt, baste, smack, crack, bonk, listen in, blow apart, liquidate, self-destruct, bash, charbroil, slog, burn, destroy, cut down, dart, clap, explode, box, thwack, braise, atomize, brown, whack, atomise, vanish, speed, put away, vaporize, charge, be quick on your feet, bludgeon, nuke, finish, clout, swipe, bang, murder, call in, boil down, slam, dip into, bust, waste, microwave, rub out, blow up, vaporise, flip, flip through, bat, boil, kill, tag.

Usage examples: