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Definition of zing:

Synonyms for zing:

gusto, animation, novelty, pizzazz, esprit, clink, pungency, moxie, rumble, ginger, beans, juice, lift, mewl, vitality, remedy, optimization, brio, sex appeal, bleep, fascination, boost, heartiness, groan, mystery, creak, nip, bite, castigate, go, damn, tell off, attack, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, correct, peep, chime, dash, click, bounce, vigour, pizzaz, color, improve on, splash, vinegar, beep, starch, take/bring/hold someone to task, improve, thunder, clatter, desirableness, enhance, life, get-up-and-go, zest, crash around, sap, crunch, rattle, tear apart, tang, screech, keen, censure, bang, harangue, dynamism, hardihood, buzz, oomph, desirability, spice, punch, enrich, gas, revitalize, savage, chink.

Usage examples: