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Definition of zip:

  1. A hissing or sibilant sound such as that made by a flying bullet.
  2. To make, or move with, such a sound.


archive, brio, belt, RFD, nix, sprightliness, go, rush, block, vigour, do up, null, zero point, travel rapidly, burn, nada, gusto, goose egg, capture, gallop, quicken, unfasten, enthusiasm, dash, sap, slide fastener, postal code, nought, festinate, a new lease on life, muscularity, beans, race, braces, charge, post office box, aught, not a single, call up, hie, moxie, nil, cypher, nothing, punch, face value, be quick on your feet, speed up, accelerate, solitary, PO Box, animation, vitality, hardihood, button, cryptograph, steam, bucket along, push, life, zip up, speed, hotfoot, rush along, juice, fly, back up, dart, box number, postage, dynamism, naught, oomph, clasp, heartiness, box, get-up-and-go, peppiness, vivaciousness, cummerbund, zilch, postage stamp, cufflink, no, drawstring, hasten, registered office, inspiration, burn in, zero, nobody, LAN, zip-fastener, gas, look sharp, cipher, cannonball along, action, browse, secret code, zippo, belt along, team spirit, eyelet, pertness, step on it, zipper, bounce, liveliness, postcode, vinegar, esprit, free energy, hurry, unbutton, author, nonentity, no one, outpace, ginger, starch, access, none, zest, pelt along, not a living soul, unzip, sparkle, eye, surge.

Usage examples: