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Definition of zippy:

Synonyms for zippy:

blistering, breathless, galloping, crisp, driving, enlivened, fleet, fleet-footed, alive, jovial, splitting, speedy, nipping, gamey, animate, enterprising, gamy, bouncy, rapid, rattling, merry, spanking, raffish, awake, gay, whipping, live, high-speed, action, jolly, pert, marvellous, lively, fast, game, at full speed/tilt/throttle, quick, spirited, dapper, wonderful, hasty, festal, brisk, spiffy, refreshful, jocund, tonic, full of life, spruce, dashing, fantastic, mirthful, alert, sparky, perky, terrific, vital, dizzy, howling, swift, bouncing, bracing, jaunty, racy, snappy, tremendous, dynamic, springy, nippy, whirlwind, snappish, energetic, pizzazzy, flying, airy, refreshing, fresh, dynamical, frosty, deft, resilient, rapid-fire, spry, peppy, watchful, breakneck, agile, nimble, festive, grand, rakish, natty, marvelous, jazzy, gritty, lightning, hot, wondrous, kinetic.

Usage examples: