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Definition of zoo:

Synonyms for zoo:

hubble-bubble, williwaw, bother, hurry-scurry, moil, aquarium, disturbance, hurly-burly, zoological garden, tumult, hoo-ha, to-do, furore, corroboree, fun, stir, row, nature reserve, clutter, stew, hubbub, hoopla, captivity, preserve, pother, coil, do, foofaraw, splore, furor, reservation, hurricane, clatter, blather, terrarium, bluster, alarums and excursions, ruckus, welter, bobbery, turmoil, squall, aviary, hurry, game preserve, hurly, pandemonium, ballyhoo, menagerie, rumpus, uproar, storm, shindy, helter-skelter, bustle, vivarium, ado, pound, moat, whirl, game reserve, ruction, fuss, kerfuffle, petting zoo, hullabaloo.

Usage examples: