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Definition of account:

  1. A reckoning; computation; calculation; enumeration; a record of some reckoning; as, the Julian account of time.
  2. A registry of pecuniary transactions; a written or printed statement of business dealings or debts and credits, and also of other things subjected to a reckoning or review; as, to keep one's account at the bank.
  3. A statement and explanation or vindication of one's conduct with reference to judgment thereon.
  4. A statement in general of reasons, causes, grounds, etc., explanatory of some event; as, no satisfactory account has been given of these phenomena. Hence, the word is often used simply for reason, ground, consideration, motive, etc.; as, on no account, on every account, on all accounts.
  5. A statement of facts or occurrences; recital of transactions; a relation or narrative; a report; a description; as, an account of a battle.
  6. An estimate or estimation; valuation; judgment.
  7. Importance; worth; value; advantage; profit.
  8. To give a satisfactory reason; to tell the cause of; to explain; - with for; as, idleness accounts for poverty.
  9. To place to one's account; to put to the credit of; to assign; - with to.
  10. To reckon; to compute; to count.
  11. To recount; to relate.
  12. To render an account; to answer in judgment; - with for; as, we must account for the use of our opportunities.
  13. To render or receive an account or relation of particulars; as, an officer must account with or to the treasurer for money received.
  14. To value, estimate, or hold in opinion; to judge or consider; to deem.


musical score, look, pool, bet, version, chronicle, poster, profit, advantage, favor, billhook, rendition, distinguish, neb, calculate, esteem, tarradiddle, reading, handbill, name, agent, direct, pecker, characterization, service, accounts receivable, anchor, number, depiction, justification, method of accounting, consumption, aim, serviceability, level, cover, written report, why, posting, eyeshade, deliberation, flier, nib, round-up, motive, reason, work out, rationalization, performance, capacity, bank account, scotch, cipher, count on, serviceableness, grounds, perspective, weight, big business, use, report, depict, mark, client, outline, profile, account statement, precis, interpretation, view, brokerage, beak, accounting system, utility, significance, broadside, draw, visor, bank bill, reputation, merit, accounts payable, grade, broking, consequence, write up, checking account, depend, storey, business relationship, grievance, narration, nest egg, floor, 401(k), merchant account, identify, cast, delineate, caveat emptor, portrait, discover, admiration, guest, annual report, score, bank note, story, honor, advisement, used, line, accounting package, censure, accountant, banknote, avail, patron, subject, deem, punter, momentousness, composition, cannibalize, greenback, grudge, accountancy, invoice, business plan, beauty parade, wherefore, sum up, vizor, acquisition, government note, report card, reflection, charge card, key, taradiddle, the biz, deposit, forecast, charge account, conspicuous consumption, describe, reprimand, deposit account, key out, sexual conquest, bill, savings account, assessor, synopsis, magnitude, card, banker's bill, answer for, account for, authority, accuse, circular, moment, brand loyalty, business, case, respect, pay, mileage, accounting, history, import, overview, benefit, cypher, affiliate, broadsheet, worth, picture, rationale, regard, commentary, words, comparison-shop, abstract, theme, explanation, usefulness, fib, trace, blue chip, debate, placard, kitty, peak, appreciation, weightiness, paper, agency, argument, chequing account, throwaway, base, flyer, news report.

Usage examples: