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Definition of adopt:

  1. To take by choice into relationship, as, child, heir, friend, citizen, etc.; esp. to take voluntarily ( a child of other parents) to be in the place of, or as, one's own child.
  2. To take or receive as one's own what is not so naturally; to select and take or approve; as, to adopt the view or policy of another; these resolutions were adopted.


put/bring/carry something into effect, aim, christen, pad, start, admit, fool, espouse, pick out, emigrate, gather in, implement, give, appropriate, strike, drag, stick to, take-up, lead, fill, earn, invite, embroil, baptize, draw, involve, look at, imbibe, get married, abide by, scoop, absorb, resume, take away, blow up, require, sanction, take for granted, collect, call, bring, encompass, come, evolve, move out, mother, stick with, lease, decamp, call after, tangle, sham, dupe, tackle, play along, relieve, submit, contract, bosom, draw on, win, ask, learn, assimilate, keep an eye on, occupy, confirm, get hitched with, lift out, embellish, sop up, ballot, come after, migrate, carry through, see, watch, charter, ensure, don, pull in, dramatise, marry, undertake, bring up, return, fall out, guide, overhear, train, meet, conform to, slang, take after, need, scoop out, put one over, succeed, adoption agency, rear, hug, drag in, withdraw, put one across, blackball, keep up, consume, film, hire, borrow, hold, consider, scoop up, dramatize, care order, abstain, feign, law, comply, name after, put on, imitate, view, au pair, sorb, seize on, repeat, apply, play, contain, engage, sweep, shoot, drive, produce, wed, ingest, follow, exploit, remove, deny, aggrandise, go by, go through with, sweep up, enforce, encounter, cod, carry, wear, repudiate, accompany, fasten on, develop, use up, pass, affiliate, make, utilize, raise, seize, postulate, larn, conjoin, study, use, disinherit, take aim, suck, exact, give up, subscribe to, clear, have, care, approve, comprehend, adoption, conduct, take, direct, relocate, befool, bear, parent, resettle, postdate, father, suck up, progress, aggrandize, affirm, watch over, buy up, take over, survey, embrace, babysit, babysitter, call for, go toward, presume, acquire, usurp, claim, keep abreast, buy out, move, realize, retire, subscribe, accept, gain, cover, number off, answer to, catch, bring in, read, assume, take-in, adoptive, take on, foster, pursue, grow, hook on, convey, gull, brain drain, realise, ratify, embroider, reelect, spoil, squeeze, put in, simulate, rent, trace, put something into action, deal, get, receive, suck in, soak up, adopted, get hold of, demand, lard, name, necessitate, surveil, get into, fall back on, immigrate, travel along, be, hook up with, observe, pack, arrogate, latch on.

Usage examples: