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Definition of aerial:

  1. Consisting of air; resembling, or partaking of the nature of air. Hence: Unsubstantial; unreal.
  2. Growing, forming, or existing in the air, as opposed to growing or existing in earth or water, or underground; as, aerial rootlets, aerial plants.
  3. Light as air; ethereal.
  4. Of or pertaining to the air, or atmosphere; inhabiting or frequenting the air; produced by or found in the air; performed in the air; as, aerial regions or currents.
  5. Rising aloft in air; high; lofty; as, aerial spires.


air, antenna, unreal, animated, atmospheric, joyous, visionary, diaphanous, unsubstantial, elevated, aired, pneumatic, transparent, sky-high, vaporous, thick, gossamer, filmy, fairylike, impractical, frolicsome, towering, gay, soaring, airy, aery, light, airborne, transmitting aerial, atmospheric, gossamery, air-minded, lively, high-flying, up above, breath, airlike, supernal, high, lofty, on the ether waves, celestial, forward pass, aeronautical, aeriform, vapory, lofty, fanciful, sheer, gauzy, windy, sprightly, birdlike, insubstantial, flying, feeler, ethereal, high.

Usage examples: