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Definition of alarm:

  1. A mechanical contrivance for awaking persons from sleep, or rousing their attention; an alarum.
  2. A sudden attack; disturbance; broil.
  3. A summons to arms, as on the approach of an enemy.
  4. Any sound or information intended to give notice of approaching danger; a warning sound to arouse attention; a warning of danger.
  5. Sudden surprise with fear or terror excited by apprehension of danger; in the military use, commonly, sudden apprehension of being attacked by surprise.
  6. To call to arms for defense; to give notice to ( any one) of approaching danger; to rouse to vigilance and action; to put on the alert.
  7. To keep in excitement; to disturb.
  8. To surprise with apprehension of danger; to fill with anxiety in regard to threatening evil; to excite with sudden fear.


solicitude, study at, demoralize, consternation, cast down, disheartenment, get down, dismay, horror, hue and cry, alarum, buzzer, warning device, cry, call to arms, outrage, disquietude, alarm system, deject, trumpet, war cry, yell, fearfulness, dispirit, hoot, qui vive, depress, affright, funk, gong, alert, warning signal, notification, trepidation, scream, drum, appall, discouragement, blast, tocsin, shout, scandalise, misgiving, demoralise, offend, squeal, cold feet, scandalize, alarm clock, appal, horrify.

Usage examples: