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Definition of alone:

  1. Hence; Unique; rare; matchless.
  2. Of or by itself; by themselves; without any thing more or any one else; without a sharer; only.
  3. Quite by one's self; apart from, or exclusive of, others; single; solitary; - applied to a person or thing.
  4. Sole; only; exclusive.
  5. Solely; simply; exclusively.


only, but, unrivaled, only if, incomparable, entirely, solo, singly, all, individual, solely, peerless, single-handed, apart, lonely, unparalleled, solitary, unsocial, exclusive, separate, companionless, exclusively, wholly, uncomparable, unique, unmatched, whole, nonpareil, unexampled, singular, just, deserted, unaccompanied, isolate, removed, desolate, same, merely, abandoned, altogether, forsaken, completely, totally, lorn, include, unequaled, simply, forlorn, lone, matchless, unequalled, only when, lonesome.

Usage examples:

  • She was to be alone all day.

    - "Tip Lewis and His Lamp", Pansy.
  • All alone, were you?"

    - "Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3", Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds.
  • " Just leave me alone, all right?

    - "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", Cory Doctorow.