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Definition of animal:

  1. An organized living being endowed with sensation and the power of voluntary motion, and also characterized by taking its food into an internal cavity or stomach for digestion; by giving carbonic acid to the air and taking oxygen in the process of respiration; and by increasing in motive power or active aggressive force with progress to maturity.
  2. Consisting of the flesh of animals; as, animal food.
  3. One of the lower animals; a brute or beast, as distinguished from man; as, men and animals.
  4. Pertaining to the merely sentient part of a creature, as distinguished from the intellectual, rational, or spiritual part; as, the animal passions or appetites.


living organism, wildcat, wight, swinish, puppet, fauna, beastly, body, wild, feral, carnal, spiritual, tool, bestial, savage, wolf, muscular, instinctual, intellectual, sentient being, earthly, animate being, bodily, fleshly, physical, supernatural, sensual, living creature, corporeal, natural, zoology, beastlike.

Usage examples: