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Definition of awkward:

  1. Not easily managed or effected; embarrassing.
  2. Perverse; adverse; untoward.
  3. Wanting dexterity in the use of the hands, or of instruments; not dexterous; without skill; clumsy; wanting ease, grace, or effectiveness in movement; ungraceful; as, he was awkward at a trick; an awkward boy.


cumbersome, graceless, gauche, klutzy, bulky, unenviable, steamy, labored, maladroit, laboured, bungling, wooden, unhandy, difficult, gummy, self-conscious, bumbling, mucilaginous, mortifying, unmanageable, ashamed, embarrassed, unwieldy, incommodious, unhappy, inapt, uncouth, ponderous, touchy, embarrassing, ill-chosen, sticky, strained, easy, inept, lumpish, delicate, ill at ease, good, cumbrous, cramped, hard, heavy, rough, unfortunate, clumsy, feckless, viscous, bunglesome, infelicitous, fumbling, uneasy, gluey, uncomfortable, clownish, heavy-handed, ungainly, disagreeable, unskilful, glutinous, gawky, clunky, muggy, viscid, ability, ungraceful, constrained, feelings, pasty, inconvenient.

Usage examples: