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Definition of backing:

  1. of Back
  2. Support or aid given to a person or cause.
  3. That which is behind, and forms the back of, anything, usually giving strength or stability.
  4. The act of moving backward, or of putting or moving anything backward.
  5. The preparation of the back of a book with glue, etc., before putting on the cover.


musical accompaniment, backup, help, patronization, capital, backup man, accompaniment, helping hand, sponsorship, capitalization, computer backup, grubstake, abetment, aid, acid house, help, business, leg up, encouragement, bebop, bluegrass, blues, recommendation, saddle horse, title, assistance, mount, money, patronage, subsidy, trade, stuffing, kapok, condescension, acid jazz, setting, clientele, hand, support, background music, flock, filling, boost, riding horse, climb, aegis, bread and butter, endorsement, financing, financial support, financial backing, reenforcement, substitute, funding, auspice, sponsorship, sustenance, disdain, pad, bhangra, fill-in, championship, subsidization, documentation, mountain, reinforcement, stand-in, assist, reliever, ambient, stake, lift, relief, keep, living, livelihood.

Usage examples: