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Definition of balmy:

  1. Full of barm or froth; in a ferment.
  2. Having the qualities of balm; odoriferous; aromatic; assuaging; soothing; refreshing; mild.
  3. Producing balm.


piano, soft, nutty, loopy, foolish, bonkers, flaccid, zestful, delicate, zesty, alligatored, daft, gentle, roughened, cushy, strong, nuts, diffused, diffuse, cracked, faint, smooth, crackers, kooky, eccentric, wild, gaga, loco, fruity, sappy, voiced, around the bend, barmy, soothing, yeasty, mild, dotty, subdued, wacky, awry, haywire, sonant, kookie, flabby, whacky, modest, chapped, lenient, meek, zany, cockamamie, batty, cockamamy, bats, amiss, round the bend, buggy, insane, goofy, crazy, silly, nutlike, easy, indulgent, loony, clement, warm, calm, easygoing, wrong.

Usage examples: