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Definition of bedevil:

  1. To spoil; to corrupt.
  2. To throw into utter disorder and confusion, as if by the agency of evil spirits; to bring under diabolical influence; to torment.


hurl, cod, rag, baffle, booze, get at, rebuke, confound, thwart, switch, mortify, nettle, drink, befuddle, give, chew up, subdue, blast, dress down, devil, have, dun, beleaguer, lambast, twit, have words, obnubilate, beset, disconcert, project, flurry, call on the carpet, hold, throw away, ride, tantalise, flim-flam, throw off, chide, flip, fob, trounce, rack, reprimand, torment, take to task, bawl out, drop, shake off, savage, crucify, frustrate, muddle, excruciate, feelings, obscure, bilk, pillory, gravel, cross, call down, importune, confuse, tantalize, fuddle, berate, rally, get to, put off, remonstrate, razz, spoil, chew out, fox, cast, lambaste, play tricks, solicit, pull a fast one on, nark, plague, lecture, trick, thrust, mix up, shed, scotch, blur, worry, reproof, contrive, jaw, bemuse, taunt, throw, play a trick on, foil, attack, cast off, scold, pain, torture, discombobulate, make, besiege, hound, bewilder, play a joke on, rile, jumble.

Usage examples: