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Definition of befool:

  1. To cause to behave like a fool; to make foolish.
  2. To fool; to delude or lead into error; to infatuate; to deceive.


gather in, soak up, mount, adopt, turn in, draw, make, twit, fritter away, suck in, fool away, gain, fritter, assimilate, suck up, horse around, earn, ingest, take, overhear, catch, bait, sop up, fool around, see, assume, fool, razz, view, arse around, rally, take in, apply, cod, collect, consume, don, rag, suck, pull in, shoot, imbibe, dissipate, ride, put on, put one over, clear, invite, frivol away, tease, put one across, have, slang, tantalise, realize, get into, take up, wear, gull, receive, absorb, bring in, realise, tantalize, taunt, dupe, watch.

Usage examples: