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Definition of befuddle:

  1. To becloud and confuse, as with liquor.


drink, booze, thrust, muddle, fob, play a trick on, rag, inebriate, fuddle, jumble, dizzy, perplex, feelings, crucify, blur, cast off, shake off, trick, frustrate, have, confuse, flip, hurl, hold, muddle, shed, play tricks, switch, pull a fast one on, throw, project, cast, besot, confound, intoxicate, throw away, give, throw off, dun, addle, flim-flam, fox, obnubilate, disconcert, play a joke on, put off, bemuse, torment, flurry, mystify, mix up, puzzle, make, contrive, bedevil, Drugs, obscure, clear, drop, make drunk, bewilder, discombobulate.

Usage examples: