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Definition of behave:

  1. To act; to conduct; to bear or carry one's self; as, to behave well or ill.
  2. To carry; to conduct; to comport; to manage; to bear; - used reflexively.
  3. To manage or govern in point of behavior; to discipline; to handle; to restrain.


express, deal, exculpate, extradite, act as, get along, arrange, dribble, serve, act, be, acquit, suffice, take over, represent, come, deport, transmit, roleplay, guide, quit, stand, coiffure, clear, impart, coiffe, transport, assoil, bear, brook, shape up, have, cause, endure, stomach, convey, pretend, tolerate, digest, answer, exonerate, obey, contain, stick out, lead, pack, channel, manage, demean, do, run, carry, make, stock, assume, deliver, misbehave, direct, abide, take, turn out, dissemble, gestate, wear, playact, fare, set, dress, stockpile, practise, post, coif, play, discharge, persuade, extend, exile, yield, conduct, birth, accept, expatriate, expect, action, offend, hold, sway, carry on, give birth, comport, put up, pay, support, have a bun in the oven, reform, make out, suffer.

Usage examples: