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Definition of bent:

  1. A declivity or slope, as of a hill.
  2. A grass of the genus Agrostis, esp. Agrostis vulgaris, or redtop. The name is also used of many other grasses, esp. in America.
  3. A leaning or bias; proclivity; tendency of mind; inclination; disposition; purpose; aim.
  4. A reedlike grass; a stalk of stiff, coarse grass.
  5. A transverse frame of a framed structure.
  6. Any neglected field or broken ground; a common; a moor.
  7. Changed by pressure so as to be no longer straight; crooked; as, a bent pin; a bent lever.
  8. imp. & p. p. of Bend.
  9. Particular direction or tendency; flexion; course.
  10. Strongly inclined toward something, so as to be resolved, determined, set, etc.; - said of the mind, character, disposition, desires, etc., and used with on; as, to be bent on going to college; he is bent on mischief.
  11. Tension; force of acting; energy; impetus.
  12. The state of being curved, crooked, or inclined from a straight line; flexure; curvity; as, the bent of a bow.


bowed, concave, double-dealing, arced, rogue, aptitude, exercise set, crooked, crumpled, out to, queer, cunning, mastery, underhanded, straight, bent grass, stage set, arciform, clean, AC/DC, set, shady, gift, underhand, solidifying, deceitful, knack, decide, hang, bended, circle, bulbous, sharp, determined, decided, deceptive, resolute, fraudulent, damaged, hardening, inclined, dishonest, curvilinear, butch, guileful, prowess, bent on, solidification, intent on, aerodynamic, fast, untruthful, readiness, lot, bentgrass, unerect, band, ability, proficiency, experience, closed, duplicitous, dubious, dented, curing, competence, chunky, poofy, unscrupulous, concentric, shifty, unprincipled, talent, fixed, intent, dead set, skill.

Usage examples: