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Definition of best:

  1. Having good qualities in the highest degree; most good, kind, desirable, suitable, etc.; most excellent; as, the best man; the best road; the best cloth; the best abilities.
  2. In the highest degree; beyond all others.
  3. Most advanced; most correct or complete; as, the best scholar; the best view of a subject.
  4. Most intimately; most thoroughly or correctly; as, what is expedient is best known to himself.
  5. Most; largest; as, the best part of a week.
  6. To get the better of.
  7. To the most advantage; with the most success, case, profit, benefit, or propriety.
  8. Utmost; highest endeavor or state; most nearly perfect thing, or being, or action; as, to do one's best; to the best of our ability.


topper, take up, high hat, superlative, unsurpassed, incomparable, scoop out, prize, top hat, unrivaled, largest, premium, outmatch, transcendent, beaver, scoop up, peerless, go around, trump out, unexcelled, scoop, prime, optimal, first, opera hat, big, worst, nonpareil, optimum, stovepipe, finest, trump, defeat, larger, dress hat, noble, unparalleled, greater, matchless, inimitable, overcome, lift out, nonesuch, silk hat, surmount, outflank, outgo, get the better of, distinguished, excellent, preeminent, ruff, unequaled, culminating.

Usage examples: