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Definition of better:

  1. Advantage, superiority, or victory; - usually with of; as, to get the better of an enemy.
  2. Greater in amount; larger; more.
  3. Having good qualities in a greater degree than another; as, a better man; a better physician; a better house; a better air.
  4. Improved in health; less affected with disease; as, the patient is better.
  5. In a higher or greater degree; more; as, to love one better than another.
  6. In a superior or more excellent manner; with more skill and wisdom, courage, virtue, advantage, or success; as, Henry writes better than John; veterans fight better than recruits.
  7. More advanced; more perfect; as, upon better acquaintance; a better knowledge of the subject.
  8. More correctly or thoroughly.
  9. More, in reference to value, distance, time, etc.; as, ten miles and better.
  10. One who bets or lays a wager.
  11. One who has a claim to precedence; a superior, as in merit, social standing, etc.; - usually in the plural.
  12. Preferable in regard to rank, value, use, fitness, acceptableness, safety, or in any other respect.
  13. To become better; to improve.
  14. To give advantage to; to support; to advance the interest of.
  15. To improve or ameliorate; to increase the good qualities of.
  16. To improve the condition of, morally, physically, financially, socially, or otherwise.
  17. To surpass in excellence; to exceed; to excel.


intermit, split, break, demote, wear out, go bad, fail, expert, desired, bust, infract, unhoped-for, go against, relegate, able, restored, kick downstairs, break up, come apart, recrudesce, soften, break out, violate, give, break in, bump, up and about, common, outstrip, disclose, fall in, gifted, extraordinary, mend, purify, recovering, check, rested, stop, cleanse, ameliorate, transgress, go, dear, erupt, sick, bankrupt, famous, smash, breach, advisable, optimization, accomplished, failing, break off, reform, founder, celebrated, conk out, experienced, notwithstanding, separate, get around, no matter what happens, mitigate, renowned, anyhow, amended, skillful, rival, crack, discontinue, outdo, divulge, interrupt, split up, big, greater, break-dance, surpass, make better, preponderant, transliterate, fitter, reveal, damp, refreshed, snap off, die, dampen, an improvement on something, outflank, collapse, overtake, get out, revitalize, part, boost, burst, vulgar, desirable, outshine, fracture, punter, rectify, longed-for, emend, finer, remediate, wear, fabled, repair, ruin, capable, major, break away, discover, renewed, pet, meliorate, unwrap, let out, wagerer, well-known, so much the better, more, large, wanted, big, develop, in any event, offend, the one and only, preferable, outwit, largest, amend, more, bettor, remedy, bring out, improve on, cave in, mending, pause, outperform, rise above, convalescent, to die for, give away, infamous, give way, let on, break down, precious, legendary, fall apart, healthier, lift, favored, illustrious, weaken, notorious, expose, larger, top, give out.

Usage examples: