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Definition of between:

  1. Belonging in common to two; shared by both.
  2. Belonging to, or participated in by, two, and involving reciprocal action or affecting their mutual relation; as, opposition between science and religion.
  3. In intermediate relation to, in respect to time, quantity, or degree; as, between nine and ten o'clock.
  4. In the space which separates; betwixt; as, New York is between Boston and Philadelphia.
  5. Intermediate time or space; interval.
  6. Used in expressing motion from one body or place to another; from one to another of two.
  7. With relation to two, as involved in an act or attribute of which another is the agent or subject; as, to judge between or to choose between courses; to distinguish between you and me; to mediate between nations.


here, directly, betwixt, among, equidistant, amid, last, close to home, first-hand, sometime, poised, from the horse's mouth, until, then, in our/their/your midst, mingled with, this, when, vicarious, first/second/third hand, amidst, before, amongst, whenever, direct, squarely, 'tween, in the midst of, through someone's eyes, participative, all, intermediate, surrounded by.

Usage examples: