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Definition of big:

  1. Great with young; pregnant; swelling; ready to give birth or produce; - often figuratively.
  2. Having greatness, fullness, importance, inflation, distention, etc., whether in a good or a bad sense; as, a big heart; a big voice; big looks; to look big. As applied to looks, it indicates haughtiness or pride.
  3. Having largeness of size; of much bulk or magnitude; of great size; large.


larger, crowing, biggest, braggy, boastfully, king-sized, grown, pornographic, bountiful, large-minded, bulky, pregnant, outstanding, stupendous, extensive, defective, brimming, spoilt, of import, imperious, enormous, great, grownup, spacious, self-aggrandising, prodigious, galactic, titanic, largest, magnanimous, full-size, braggart, good-looking, hulking, freehanded, epic, blown-up, capacious, heroic, tidy, bombastic, free, walloping, extended, speculative, plumping, vainglorious, puffy, boastful, banner, whopping, momentous, self-aggrandizing, broad, bigger, declamatory, giving, mountainous, bounteous, material, man-sized, great-hearted, double, risky, salient, colossal, rangy, oversized, enlarged, fully grown, huge, full-fledged, expecting, whacking, obvious, sizable, monolithic, large-hearted, egotistic, gargantuan, healthy, sorry, thumping, fine-looking, life-size, too large, voluminous, better-looking, mature, pompously, intense, greathearted, mammoth, well-favored, freehand, ostentatiously, biggish, sizeable, awash, striking, outsized, monstrous, coarse, astronomical, tumid, gone, full-grown, youth, good, large, parturient, giant, give, rich, turgid, larger-than-life, important, hulky, heavy, vast, liberal, life-sized, gravid, plentiful, cosmic, overlarge, spoiled, massive, prominent, cock-a-hoop, generous, overflowing, ripe, unsound, consequential, adult, handsome, loose, king-size, enceinte, deep, elephantine, presumptuous, humongous, high-risk, jumbo, large-scale, super, unselfish, spectacular, tolerant, full-blown, reproduction, developed, with child, bad, gigantic, expecting, swelled, elder, bighearted, greatest, pretentious, regretful, ample, unfit, bragging, lifesize, queen-size, immense, forged, uncollectible, commodious, big-hearted, oversize, meaningful, well-favoured, pregnant, openhanded, loud, volumed, queen-sized, pompous, historic, considerable, tremendous, outsize, substantial, abundant, largish, vauntingly, significant, orotund, monumental, brimful, tough, expectant, wide, bouffant, conspicuous, macro, parturient, wide-ranging, grown-up, astronomic, proud.

Usage examples: