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Definition of bitterness:

  1. A state of extreme impiety or enmity to God.
  2. Dangerous error, or schism, tending to draw persons to apostasy.
  3. The quality or state of being bitter, sharp, or acrid, in either a literal or figurative sense; implacableness; resentfulness; severity; keenness of reproach or sarcasm; deep distress, grief, or vexation of mind.


sour, crust, malignity, spininess, moroseness, pain, embitterment, cheekiness, rancorousness, mordancy, saddle sore, resentfulness, solace, cynicism, bitter, freshness, resentment, feelings, virulency, asperity, icterus, gall, thorniness, balm, blandness, unkindness, acrimony, harshness, rancor, impudence, impertinence, jaundice, enjoyment, distress, rancour, bristliness, acerbity, sweetness, insolence.

Usage examples: