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Definition of blabber:

  1. A tattler; a telltale.


inveigle, shoot the breeze, chitchat, visit, pig, tattle, scum bag, confab, let the cat out of the bag, run on, chatter, go on, mumble, double-dealer, jaw, grunter, chew the fat, puke, stinkpot, talk, hog, wheedle, nonsense, natter, maunder, gas, blab, dirty dog, gossip, drivel, spill the beans, cajole, blackleg, brattle, yak, clatter, git, confabulate, run off at the mouth, stinker, gab, sweet-talk, claver, palaver, rotter, sing, strikebreaker, blarney, jabber, double-crosser, two-timer, blab out, cluck, gabble, rat, squealer, piffle, scab, babble, prate, twaddle, lowlife, words, jabber, mussitate, tittle-tattle, chit-chat, betrayer, gibber, traitor, skunk, prattle, chaffer, spiel, informer, clack, crumb, click, babble out, bum, chat, so-and-so, mutter, claver, peach, coax.

Usage examples: