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Definition of bleak:

  1. A small European river fish ( Leuciscus alburnus), of the family Cyprinidae; the blay.
  2. Cold and cutting; cheerless; as, a bleak blast.
  3. Desolate and exposed; swept by cold winds.
  4. Without color; pale; pallid.


perfect, comfortless, misty, disgraceful, sullen, blank, edged, attitude, awful, uninviting, innocent, in the raw, cold, stony, freezing, destitute, wretched, faint, disastrous, naked as a jaybird, green, lonesome, sore, bitter, godforsaken, sad, utter, unsheltered, lugubrious, sunless, unfinished, complete, distressing, subdued, morbid, funereal, fatalistic, crude, cleared, Cimmerian, flat, raw, bare, absent, obtuse, nasty, boisterous, brooding, sunny, sepulchral, stinging, marginal, pitch-black, dumb, shadowy, everlasting, sodding, tender, mournful, solemn, smuggled, tempestuous, fatal, consummate, stripped, murky, windy, verdant, stabbing, bare-ass, boreal, simple, turbulent, hard, lancinating, calamitous, wintry, inclement, darkening, black-market, depressing, sensitive, blue, knifelike, dimmed, bad, stormy, barren, devoid, blasted, dreich, beatific, nipping, bombed, foggy, scanty, waste, blackened, inglorious, thoroughgoing, dark, dim, in the altogether, wild, saturnine, unattractive, happy, inhospitable, wispy, sinister, rude, disagreeable, mild, polar, new, desolate, bug-eyed, unadulterated, drear, pinching, peeled, fateful, tenebrific, in the buff, pitch-dark, smutty, dank, hopeless, pure, mere, slow, darkly, contraband, negative, gray, somber, au naturel, stark, broken, naked, cloudy, joyless, elegiac, ignominious, dull, glacial, dirty, unembellished, black, hot, monotonous, dire, tenebrous, dense, light, unornamented, arrant, disconsolate, depressive, free, lancinate, double-dyed, cynical, gross, fresh, unsheathed, plain, piercing, foul, mordant, biting, nippy, unappealing, vague, bootleg, unsanded, plutonian, craggy, curious, opprobrious, pleasant, squally, frowning, rough, cutting, objectionable, staring, stark naked, shivery, chill, exposed, natural, chilling, unpleasant, appealing, weary, shameful, bare-assed, arctic, nude.

Usage examples: