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Definition of bloodless:

  1. Destitute of blood, or apparently so; as, bloodless cheeks; lifeless; dead.
  2. Not attended with shedding of blood, or slaughter; as, a bloodless victory.
  3. Without spirit or activity.


bionic, unemotional, nonhuman, combination, dead, colourless, coloured, clinical, bronzed, waterish, unbloody, indifferent, unbloodied, livid, lurid, calm, waxen, clean, snowy, insensate, broad-spectrum, blank, restless, lily-white, listless, attitude, unenthusiastic, sluggish, exsanguinous, exsanguine, colored, white-hot, brown, albino, pasty, colors, aseptic, antibacterial, indolent, feelings, spiritless, white, color, ashy, placid, peaceful, cozy, uninspired, slow, insensible, anemic, somnolent, still, watery, antenatal, anemic, colorless, complexioned, etiolate, blase, tranquil, whitened, nonviolent, lazy, blanched, dull, serene, unkind, quiet, clear, etiolated, apathetic, complected, insensitive, unfeeling, strong, anesthetic, bored, pacific, black-and-blue, fed up, antimalarial, ashen, world-weary.

Usage examples: