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Definition of bop:

  1. To strike heavily; to beat; to crush.


make out, poke, crack, love, box, hook, spank, smack, bang, let someone have it, wallop, beat up, bebop, bed, switch, acid house, knock, pound, stripe, slam, swat, slog, smash, hump, sleep together, paste, sleep with, pick, lash, acid jazz, sock it to someone, do it, chop, jazz, stinger, bludgeon, biff, douse, buffet, beat, bust, have intercourse, welt, clout, thump, pelt, swipe, fillip, haymaker, plump, cuff, clap, smite, bash, clip, whack, bonk, whop, screw, dab, have it away, whap, belt, background music, get it on, bump, hack, bluegrass, blues, rap, stun, backup, make love, butt, lie with, thud, batter, roll in the hay, pop, hammer blow, wham, bat, catch, thwack, strike, lick, ambient, stroke, conk, have it off, be intimate, hit, know, slug, bhangra, larrup, have sex, slap, sock, eff, get laid, have a go at it, backing, attack, punch, blow.

Usage examples: