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Definition of botch:

  1. A patch put on, or a part of a garment patched or mended in a clumsy manner.
  2. A swelling on the skin; a large ulcerous affection; a boil; an eruptive disease.
  3. To mark with, or as with, botches.
  4. To put together unsuitably or unskillfully; to express or perform in a bungling manner; to spoil or mar, as by unskillful work.
  5. To repair; to mend; esp. to patch in a clumsy or imperfect manner, as a garment; - sometimes with up.
  6. Work done in a bungling manner; a clumsy performance; a piece of work, or a place in work, marred in the doing, or not properly finished; a bungle.


mélange, olla podrida, goof up, bumbler, gallimaufry, ragbag, bollix up, blunder, snafu, bloomer, crazy quilt, agglomeration, flub, fail, mismanage, muck, gumbo, fuckup, blow, fall down, burn out, muck up, stammer, goof up, do unskillfully, montage, pastiche, boggle, blooper, brag, cosset, correct, foul-up, macédoine, welter, stew, variety, grope, swash, miscompute, wreck, shove along, misapply, salad, miscellanea, mishmash, drift, cross, go down on, shoot a line, salmagundi, louse up, assortment, bungle, squander, despoil, do clumsily, blow out, falter, smorgasbord, mutilate, go bad, hot up, stutter, slip up, vaunt, baffle, destroy, mud, baby, help, ruffle up, fall short, bollix, execute clumsily, be adrift, boast, put out of whack, spoil, fellate, rape, potpourri, agglomerate, bungler, sad sack, itch, make a muck of, suck, mishandle, botch up, ruin, make a hash of, botcher, mire, featherbed, menagerie, miss, boner, thwart, violate, distort, foil, trip up, hotchpotch, pratfall, shuffle, bilk, fluff, olio, float, bumble, mixed bag, fumbler, heat up, gas, gum up, corrupt, jambalaya, fuck up, screw up, mollycoddle, farrago, frustrate, jungle, waste, blunderer, pamper, botcher, make a mess of, be mistaken, coddle, hodgepodge, motley, patchwork quilt, misconjecture, bollocks, fumble, bobble, pull a boner, stumbler, patchwork, bodge, indulge, tout, collage, medley, alphabet soup, cocker, omnium-gatherum, muff, butcher, ball up, tease, let down, bollocks up, grab bag, plunder, misconduct, ragout, boo-boo, flounder, deflower, gasconade, bluster, mess-up, shove off, misreckon, litter.

Usage examples: