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Definition of break up:

  1. Disruption; a separation and dispersion of the parts or members; as, a break- up of an assembly or dinner party; a break- up of the government.


fork, terminate, kick downstairs, split, go, analyze, let out, uncouple, rive, fragmentize, bridge-building, analyse, pluck, crash, break in, shoot, hee-haw, have young, take down, tickle someone's fancy, dismember, spread out, disjoint, drive off, expire, damp, fracture, dispel, distintegrate, discerp, decay, fragmentise, set forth, halt, crock up, dead-end, expose, furcate, fritter, bankrupt, break open, tear down, concession, upset, carve up, take apart, break out, disjoin, wear out, interrupt, leave off, disclose, disseminate, diffuse, melt down, pull down, break down, go against, classify, chip, come to an end, dry up, acoustics, fade away, scatter, die, lose it, elapse, fall in, dust, let on, demote, close, severalise, lop, doss, conk out, disperse, dash, separate, get out, distribute, drop, dethaw, branch, lop off, disrupt, break off, beak, settle, freak, cut, dismiss, split up, divide, end, tickle, burst, set out, titter, piece, develop, peck, unwrap, disassemble, divorce, stop, get around, broadcast, lapse, circularize, fall apart, bust, come apart, disunify, calve, conciliate, interrupt, unthaw, crash, level, give out, withdraw, discriminate, answer, crease up, breach, disintegrate, sunder, cut-off, break through, give away, fritter away, call off, calve, class, frivol away, audible, disassemble, break, break down, sort, chop off, lay off, disassociate, better, audio-, soften, sadden, scream, give someone the giggles, cave in, assort, roar, nibble, recess, giggle, cull, dissolve, crumple, give way, unyoke, tumble, separate, snap off, shut off, purpose, fragmentise, rot, start out, finish with, foot, weaken, violate, audio, acoustic, fade out, disband, determine, differentiate, break away, find fault, dump, raze, break apart, severalize, arbitrate, decompose, pick, bring out, erupt, dissociate, dB, recess, dispel, adjudicate, sprinkle, dot, crack, split up, offend, discontinue, leave, cut-off, pack, fall out, wear, break apart, scatter, discover, sort out, resolve, dissever, decide, barge in, pick, dissipate, gate-crash, ram, take apart, wig, set off, founder, transgress, reveal, drive away, divulge, crack-up, dissipate, break, chortle, take off, fool away, snap, buckle, finish, crock up, hurt, cleave, sever, unlink, plunk, adjourn, cease, run off, can, splinter, wind up, crack, disperse, start, crumble, disconnect, draw to a close/an end, propagate, decibel, amputate, dismantle, collapse, tell apart, clown, camp it up, blame, disturb, solve, infract, decompose, crack-up, part, depart, decouple, desist, adjourn, rase, smash, quit, circularise, fragment, turn back, wink, strip, fool, compromise, distinguish, flip, fail, clean, relegate, intermit, snicker, unfreeze, secernate, cut out, ramify, shatter, tell, knap, split, defriend, conclude, pass around, chuckle, pass, knock off, screen off, pause, retire, break-dance, secern, go bad, resolve, sever, give, cackle, part, chase away, dissect, let up, fragment, single out, dissolve, twitter, bring the house down, fragmentize, disunite, crush, doss down, recrudesce, run out, check, drive out, molder, moulder, concede, collapse, go down, dampen, bump, disrupt, dismantle, thaw, spread, give over, above, melt, circulate.