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Definition of broken:

  1. A piece of mechanism for retarding or stopping motion by friction, as of a carriage or railway car, by the pressure of rubbers against the wheels, or of clogs or ratchets against the track or roadway, or of a pivoted lever against a wheel or drum in a machine.
  2. Crushed and ruined as by something that destroys hope; blighted.
  3. Disconnected; not continuous; also, rough; uneven; as, a broken surface.
  4. Fractured; cracked; disunited; sundered; strained; apart; as, a broken reed; broken friendship.
  5. Imperfectly spoken, as by a foreigner; as, broken English; imperfectly spoken on account of emotion; as, to say a few broken words at parting.
  6. Made infirm or weak, by disease, age, or hardships.
  7. Not carried into effect; not adhered to; violated; as, a broken promise, vow, or contract; a broken law.
  8. Ruined financially; incapable of redeeming promises made, or of paying debts incurred; as, a broken bank; a broken tradesman.
  9. Separated into parts or pieces by violence; divided into fragments; as, a broken chain or rope; a broken dish.
  10. Subdued; humbled; contrite.
  11. Subjugated; trained for use, as a horse.


befuddled, low, split, gloomy, staccato, dotted, fractured, downhearted, acquainted, sleepyhead, distributed, bemused, coarse, clannish, trashed, low-toned, low-pitched, defeated, sound, intermittent, tame, out of order, Sleeping Beauty, pessimistic, jointed, inaudible, interrupted, clockwork, fragmentary, shot, hollow, small, shattered, baffled, tough, whole, crushed, spasmodic, grinding, solemn, dissolved, automatic, discouraged, fragmented, auxiliary, disordered, indebted, blue, fitful, distressed, wistful, ruined, dead, downcast, disquieted, confused, tottering, tamed, arthritic, my word is my bond, kept, worried, cordless, wrecked, unsmooth, disorganised, fatalistic, burst, rough, at sea, unordered, scummy, faulty, despairing, dejected, clean, cracked, noctambulism, scraggy, apart, fused, built, mixed-up, confounded, mazed, frail, cosy, compound fracture, ground, lumpy, observed, rugged, somnambulist, lightly, forgotten, chipped, modest, halting, irregular, abject, humbled, low-down, smashed, on my honor, connected, pebbly, upturned, weak, unhappy, subdued, brotherly, overturned, sad, ragged, scattered, upset, sorrowful, unintelligible, unkept, broken in, inoperative, jagged, dashed, defective, cynical, beaten, impaired, bleak, defective, pelvic, disoriented, battered, close, busted, cross your heart (and hope to die), melancholy, kaput, arm's-length, lumbar, breached, low-spirited, bumpy, roughened, usable, negative, crumbled, lost, garbled, mutilated, crippled, analog, bewildered, flawed, furrowed, scurvy, dispirited, embarrassed, operative, humble, as good as your word, humiliated, costal, depressed, destroyed, damaged, insolvent, homesick, disorganized, rhythmic, miserable, deep, injured, impoverished, torn, craggy, two-tone, light, hopeless, uncomplete, break, lowly, incomplete, wiped out, empty, splintered, hurt, off-and-on, dreamless, double-jointed, depleted, decrepit, unconnected, scraggly, clever, illogical, broken-field, disturbed, down in the mouth, sleeper, brittle, chummy, grim, down, automatically.

Usage examples:

  • It was broken again by Muriel.

    - "A Fool There Was", Porter Emerson Browne.
  • Her heart would have broken.

    - "The Brightener", C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson.
  • The dream was broken.

    - "Lady Audley's Secret", Mary Elizabeth Braddon.