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Definition of bum:

  1. A humming noise.
  2. The buttock.
  3. To make murmuring or humming sound.


lurk, rotten, swinger, foundation, fool around, tin, tush, empennage, nookie, lollygag, privy, bed, flash, barf, strikebreaker, junky, arbitrary, appeal, tooshie, sess, punk, bag lady, prat, she-bop, slug, stinkpot, buttocks, flashy, cheap, order, crappy, gaudy, keister, seat, pathetic, demand, quarter, tramp steamer, vomit, wood pussy, mooch, lousy, study at tramp, loafer, laze, git, inexpensive, loud, cigarette, mess about, garish, nates, flotsam, laughingstock, futile, roll in the hay, informer, sens, derelict, scum bag, terrible, crapper, epicure, squealer, back end, fool, pot, lavatory, scab, low-grade, loll, goat, musk turtle, bargain-basement, so-and-so, rear-end, coffin nail, unreasonable, gage, gimcrack, merchant ship, foot, rear, piece of tail, behind, substructure, common, idler, gourmet, lounge around, arse around, stooge, understructure, lump, crumb, defective, invite, no-good, crummy, croup, croupe, commode, betrayer, can buoy, lounge about, request, hang around, merchantman, cheapjack, seamy, tacky, wretched, stool, parasite, unfair, shutout, layabout, beg, bottomland, screw, bon vivant, butt joint, wrongful, tail end, stern, lav, target, derriere, butt, panhandle, seedy, cheek, plead, fag end, tin can, hiker, buzz off, cigaret, tail assembly, cut-rate, goof, bunghole, slugabed, nooky, lowlife, el cheapo, one-sided, puke, biased, gourmand, insist on something, bottom, bugger off, down-and-out, butt end, green goddess, second-rate, can, mill about, hike, squalid, footle, toilet, wank, hedonist, diddle, bottom of the inning, buttock, canful, tarry, fundament, shirk, freighter, hindquarters, grub, undersurface, rump, loiter, hobo, rat, schlock, unequal, homeless, gadabout, bad, sleazy, smoke, stateless, tinny, chintzy, claim, bathroom, droop, useless, sponge, ask for, worthless, cheesy, arsehole, chinchy, sordid, shoddy, execrable, blackleg, asshole, female genitals, rubbishy, street people, poop, purposeless, screwing, gypsy, base, jerk off, scram, rotter, meretricious, voluptuary, shadower, sluggard, brassy, pointless, back, unjustified, deadbeat, stinker, jack off, tail, tramper, fanny, lounge, skunk, loaf, low-rent, arse about, schnorr, cornerstone, partial, stub, poor, basis, shadow, cadge, place, backside, masturbate, do-little, linger, sybarite, trashy, hind end, passenger, mediocre, inferior, blabber, tawdry, weed, mill around, inefficient, unjust, posterior, frig around, groundwork, female genitalia, hiking, piece of ass, grass, ineffective, loll around, back tooth, trumpery, horse around, idle, scrounge, ass, get, dirty dog, shtup, shag, lemon, vomitus, tramp, potty, shnorr, underside, buns, after part, miserable, faulty, polecat, bum around, bum about, industrious, arse, tatty, locoweed, waste one's time, female genital organ, connoisseur, throne, lallygag, john, dope, do-nothing, coarse.

Usage examples: