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Definition of bum around:

Synonyms for bum around:

masturbate, lollygag, island-hop, lounge about, get, lounge, fuck off, mill about, linger, lurk, buzz off, go, scram, rest, bask, travel, do, frig around, she-bop, bugger off, loll, lallygag, see the world, recharge your batteries, cadge, lounge around, droop, tarry, relax, get around, jerk off, come, waste one's time, loiter, mill around, idle away, horse around, bum about, wank, laze, sit back, bum, fool, roam, mooch, hang around, while away, arse around, Arse About, grub, jack off, explore, loll around, footle, loaf, wind down, sponge, mess about, fool around.