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Definition of bumpy:

Synonyms for bumpy:

jumpy, have an even chance (of doing something), on the bubble, choppy, overstrung, rough, broken, coarse, be/hang in the balance, circuitous, ups and downs, scratchy, harsh, nonstop, stony, jouncy, jolty, round-the-world, rasping, bouldered, overseas, roughened, pugnacious, knife-edge, checkered, approximate, grating, raspy, abrasive, prickly, rugged, gravelly, unsmooth, nervy, bouldery, rocky, fierce, door-to-door, boisterous, overland, approximative, uncut, transatlantic, jolting, scraggy, high-strung, jagged, edgy, win or lose, uptight, return, outward, jittery, herky-jerky, ragged, pebbly, crude, textured, jarring, restive, highly strung.

Usage examples: