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Definition of by:

  1. Against.
  2. Aside; as, to lay by; to put by.
  3. In the neighborhood of; near or next to; not far from; close to; along with; as, come and sit by me.
  4. Near to, while passing; hence, from one to the other side of; past; as, to go by a church.
  5. Near; in the neighborhood; present; as, there was no person by at the time.
  6. On; along; in traversing. Compare 5.
  7. Out of the common path; aside; - used in composition, giving the meaning of something aside, secondary, or incidental, or collateral matter, a thing private or avoiding notice; as, by- line, by- place, by- play, by- street.
  8. Passing near; going past; past; beyond; as, the procession has gone by; a bird flew by.
  9. Used in specifying adjacent dimensions; as, a cabin twenty feet by forty.
  10. With, as means, way, process, etc.; through means of; with aid of; through; through the act or agency of; as, a city is destroyed by fire; profit is made by commerce; to take by force.


ahead, beyond, namesake, so, booking office, on, out, side, throughout, standard, aisle seat, away, next door, strictly speaking, full-size, booking, in the midst of something, book on, under, with, all, Junior, depending on, above, assignment, on a case-by-case basis, double, bus, aboard, of, arr., here, average, nee, apart, along, afloat, beside, advanced, when, last, united, disproportionate, during, incident, by means of, board, life-size, sometime, off, three-quarter, that, bye, bookable, before, forth, after, for the duration, past, in accordance with, whenever, alongside, in the eyes of the law/world etc., nigh, by dint of, via, isometric, initial, according to, hard, classically, next to, across, around, nameless, about, through, this, low, within, then, incidental, until, high, naming ceremony, aside, over, classical, on (someone's/something's) merit, attached, in, exacting.

Usage examples: