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Definition of can:

  1. A drinking cup; a vessel for holding liquids.
  2. A vessel or case of tinned iron or of sheet metal, of various forms, but usually cylindrical; as, a can of tomatoes; an oil can; a milk can.
  3. an obs. form of began, imp. & p. p. of Begin, sometimes used in old poetry. [ See Gan.]
  4. To be able to do; to have power or influence.
  5. To be able; - followed by an infinitive without to; as, I can go, but do not wish to.
  6. To know; to understand.
  7. To preserve by putting in sealed cans


go off, tooshie, facilities, crapper, cooler, roll in the hay, provide, ought, flush toilet, could, fecal matter, cornerstone, stack, slammer, coop, basin, shadow, washstand, loafer, apprise, prison, dope, ampoule, burn, lot, potty, underside, abide, nookie, base, beyond/without a shadow of a doubt, give the axe, back tooth, lav, squeeze out, cake, discharge, batch, bottomland, faeces, you would not believe, of all things/people/places, so-and-so, nick, crowd out, penitentiary, peck, calaboose, heavens above, set up, send packing, coolbox, croup, slew, muckle, put-up, basis, hold, bridewell, heinie, clear, drive out, dissolve, locoweed, quarter, sack up, mint, notify, crumb, washroom, canful, whoremonger, trick, backside, the slammer, tail, laughingstock, caboose, back end, shtup, thunder mug, hams, bay window, rear-end, now I've seen everything/it all, nominate, arouse, joint, squirt, tummy, jail, john, dehydration, flock, gouge, atomic number 50, elicit, eject, funnily enough, tolbooth, finish, crib, hindquarters, tidy sum, force out, arsehole, target, hatful, buns, evict, apprize, release, digest, cheek, big house, correct me if I'm wrong, bed, cease, boot, butt, drop, sewer, stool, jail, tail end, contribute, unless I'm mistaken, rotter, back, wad, goat, cloakroom, WC, chamberpot, consumption, sack, pen, cashier, end, endure, no doubt/question but that, the can, buttock, mass, hunkers, restroom, bear, tramp, lavatory, free, tail assembly, great deal, place, rout out, raft, bottom of the inning, give the sack, good deal, support, duff, prison, piece of ass, surely, water closet, dejection, send word, piece of tail, washbowl, post, prat, ease out, comfort station, empennage, nates, kitty, brush aside, bread bin, weed, offer, tush, stop, know for a fact (that), keep, porta potty, advise, female genital organ, the john, the clink, jakes, foot, female genitalia, give someone notice, bog, fundament, derriere, is that a fact?, stinker, earth-closet, do-nothing, net, outhouse, provoke, deal, throw out, latrine, erect, c., spate, atomizer, butt joint, washbasin, cheeks, gage, dirty dog, stand, keister, might, give the bounce, buttocks, mountain, put money on something, may, toilette, house, fuel, head, shag, evoke, put forward, give notice, pokey, I bet/I'll bet (that), quite a little, rump, homogenize, hock, screwing, seat, croupe, get, Baggie, stinkpot, bathroom, disregard, bastille, can buoy, passel, plunder, fanny, whoremaster, undersurface, corporation, haunches, give the gate, behind, mickle, ax, understructure, bite, aerosol, you don't say, cigaret, butt end, sess, displace, bum, pension off, layabout, potful, booty, freighter, skunk, send away, stub, kindle, loo, rouse, groundwork, terminate, pink-slip, must, package, brush off, throne, bunghole, dehydrate, heap, bounce, after part, scum bag, sight, chiffonier, breech, fag end, hind end, cure, nooky, stockade, tolerate, clink, shall, tin can, grass, cookie jar, hoosegow, quod, posterior, potentiometer, fire, enkindle, domiciliate, rear, stir, gutter, feces, discount, house of correction, female genitals, Well, I never, cigarette, preempt, rat, stooge, stir, puke, cannot, brig, ordure, shadower, asshole, burn down, retire, coffin nail, idler, open fire, ass, toilet, should, who would have thought...?, penitentiary, green goddess, privy, in my humble opinion, used to, arse, plenty, jackpot, push aside, faecal matter, poop, breadbox, jailhouse, screw, undoubtedly, lowlife, flowerpot, dry, usher out, sens, cannister, merchantman, mess, convenience, git, tin, dismiss, bottom, urinal, lockup, foundation, substructure, stick out, cake tin, bowlful, potbelly, actually, irradiate, raise, ignore, brook, smoke, lay off, pay off, guardroom, pile, move, commode, suffer, flash-freeze, hobo, stern, depose, slam, merchant ship, bath.

Usage examples:

  • Why, can it be?

    - "Weighed and Wanting", George MacDonald.
  • You can do nothing, nothing!

    - "The Short Works of George Meredith", George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009.
  • What it can be like?

    - "His Family", Ernest Poole.